Increase productivity with our collaborative solutions

Streamline your exchanges with your employees and customers

idelio is also collaborative offers to increase the productivity of your teams. Work together in complete security thanks to our professional solutions.

By making it easier for your teams to collaborate, you can reduce unproductive exchanges and boost the sales performance of your employees.

Are your teams working on a project? Increase their productivity with a collaborative solution.

Discover our enterprise collaboration solutions to increase your teams' productivity in complete security

Facilitate your collaborations and digitalise your meetings

Your teams have access to a platform that is available at any time and in a few clicks

Work with collaborative tools to facilitate project managementfile sharing and internal communication. A virtual space for efficient remote working.

For your meetings, choose our video conferencing systems high quality: organise an online meeting easily and in a few clicks. A multi-support functionality, accessible on all mobile terminals: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Solutions tailored to your needs

A range of solutions for companies of all sizes

Depending on your activity and your uses, our team will help you to set up the most suitable solution. Telephony, instant messaging, videoconferencing, document sharing, access via browser or software... A range of functions for a collaborative solution that meets all your needs.



Thanks to the centralisation of data on a single platform, updates and adjustments to projects are visible and accessible at all times.

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Your employees can work remotely and at any time via the dedicated platform. Exchanges are digitalized and instantaneous all over the world.


Our solutions comply with privacy certifications. Your access and information are protected and controlled.

MiamStore, mobile application

We wanted an efficient solution for our teams. With MyCollaborate, we gained productivity in just a few weeks.

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