Optimise your business telephony with our consulting team

The IDELIO consulting team assists you in your professional telephony for an optimal use of our services.

Highlighting of your business telephone on your communication media

Highlighting of contact points on your communication media (TV, Radio, Digital), advice on optimising your customer reception, assessments and analysis.

Poster & Press

Analysis of the graphic design of your visuals. Advice on the placement of the special issue.

TV campaign

Analysis of the scenario and analysis of the final packshot issue


Analysis of the script, Focus on the short issue ad and Legal notice

Do you want to install an Interactive Voice Server (IVS)?

Do you have different types of callers that you want to manage more easily? We can advise you on setting up your Interactive Voice Server. Our teams of experts can write your greeting and orientation messages. But also your online questions and answers for your online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Are you looking for an inbound service provider?

Idélio assists you in your search for a call reception service provider
- Drafting of your specifications
- Pre-selection of service providers according to your requirements.
- Sending of specifications
- Analysis grid for responses
- Shortlist
- Proposal of service providers

Would you like to carry out a campaign review?

At the end of the campaign, our teams produce a full report on the operation with key figures such as
- Evolution of the number of contacts
- Day by day analysis in GRP points
- ROI analysis per spot
- Evolution of the number of contacts according to the GRP points
- Analysis of unique callers
- Treated calls, lost calls

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