idelio UC

Idelio UC: a complete unified communication solution

Mobile telephony, chat and document sharing 

With idelio UC (Unified Communication), you benefit from a hybrid solution for business telephony. A telephony, chat and document sharing offer to simplify exchanges between your teams. idelio UC is a tool for unified communication built by our experts to boost your daily productivity.

With our unified communication solution, your employees can work efficiently on all your projects, even from a distance: calls, messaging, document sharing and consultation, etc.

A solution to simplify project management and monitoring. All information is accessible and available on desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Unified communication with Idelio UC

What is unified communication?

The Unified unified communication (also called "UC": unified communication) is a set of professional communication tools for optimising information distribution and collaboration.

With unified communication, you can : 

  • make voice and video calls
  • improve the dissemination of information
  • improve the collaboration and interaction of your teams
  • facilitate teleworking through a secure remote workspace

Unified communication features 

  • voice : make and receive internal and external calls and voice messages
  • messaging : send and receive text, email or instant messages
  • conference : bring together 2 or more people remotely, using audio or video conferencing
  • video : exchanging remotely, sharing documents
  • mobility : using work and communication tools from anywhere and on different terminals (fixed, mobile or tablet).

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