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Quickly available telephone number

A virtual number is a telephone number like any other, but it is not attached to a physical line (unlike a fixed telephone line). No installation is therefore necessary to create a virtual number.

Thanks to the cloud, the virtual number can be easily assigned to an existing fixed or mobile line.

Incoming calls to a virtual number are therefore redirected to the telephone line of your choice.

Calls can also be forwarded to VoIP applications.

With a virtual number, you can make and receive calls from wherever you want.

All your telephony (better) without the constraints of the fixed phone!

Why use a virtual number?


telephone calls

Manage all your calls

Simply manage all your calls. Choose your main number and all your incoming calls will be automatically redirected to that phone number.

telephone equipment

Equipping your teams

Do your employees work remotely? Are your teams located in different countries or locations? The virtual number allows you to equip your teams wherever they are, at reduced costs.

international number

Display an international image

You can opt for an international virtual number. From France, you present an international number to all your contacts.

customer service

Create your virtual switchboard

Activate your virtual number and easily create your switchboard. Your company will have a quality telephone reception thanks to the various functions available.

Don't know which number to choose?


The advantages of the virtual number?


customer service

Professional image

The virtual number gives your company a professional image. With a specific geographic number, you strengthen your local presence and customer proximity.

More proximity

With a virtual number, you can get closer to your customers with a local telephone number.

features number

Various features

Several options are available with the virtual number: IVR, call forwarding, VoIP call... for a quality telephone reception.

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Frequently asked questions

Virtual number

The cost of a virtual number depends on 2 parameters:

  • the number of numbers ordered,
  • the ease of remembering the number.

For a single number, our rates vary from 10 to 25€ HT for very easily memorized numbers.

A geographic number is a telephone number with a code. These are numbers beginning with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05. A geographic number strengthens the local presence of your company and promotes proximity.

The 09 number is a virtual number. It is a non-geographic, non-surcharged number that complements your main telephone solution as an additional number. Used via IP telephony, the 09 number or virtual number is not attached to a physical line. It is billed at the price of a local call.

From your idelio back office, you can get a virtual number in 5 minutes.

Our teams can also assist you in setting up your virtual number within 24 to 48 hours.

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