Boost the performance of your outbound calls

Our call centre also handles your outgoing calls for your telemarketing campaigns, loyalty campaigns, B2B appointment setting, surveys, debt collection, etc.

Our team will help you set up your outbound call campaigns to make you more productive.

You can monitor the quality of our service in real time by analysing the exchanges between our advisors and your prospects and clients.

Why outsource your outbound call campaigns?

Outsourcing your outgoing call campaigns to idelio is the guarantee of a successful campaign.

Know-how and methodology of our teams

As experts in telecoms since 2003, our experts are trained to ensure a professional posture during all telephone exchanges made on your behalf.


Guaranteed results

Thanks to our performance indicators, you can measure the results of your campaigns: number of calls made, successful calls, appointments made, conversion rate, etc.

Time saving

Save time and boost your productivity by focusing on your business. With our statistical tools, you can monitor the performance of your campaigns in real time.

The idelio advantages

Our team will assist you in the various stages of setting up your campaigns


customer relationship


Our experts will qualify your databases for better results.

customer service

Call scenarios

idelio helps you create your call scenarios


Performance analysis

We analyse the performance of each campaign using our call metrics

To find out more about outbound calling campaigns with idelio, talk to our experts


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