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What is a VAS number?

VAS special numbers are 10-digit numbers beginning with 08.

VAS or Value Added Service numbers enhance your interactions and improve your customer relationship.

Your customers use a single number to contact your company and access your services.

VAS number pricing can be free or paid.

customer service

Single point of contact

The Interactive Voice Server allows you to offer a better customer experience. Your calls are directly redirected to the right department. You avoid multiple callers and remain reachable at all times

A professional image

Whether you are a small business, a medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation, you will benefit from a professional reception number. Easy to remember, VAS numbers improve your image with your customers.

tariffs and income

Appropriate tariffs

*Since the C+S Reform of 1 October 2015, special numbers are transparent in terms of tariffs: the cost of the call is separate from the cost of the service*. Free or paid tariffs, you choose tariffs adapted to your needs.

Why choose a VAS number ?

VAS (Value Added Service) numbers are intelligent numbers.

There are different types of VAS numbers depending on your needs, for fixed or mobile lines.

idelio operates all types of numbers or prefixes, and for all tariffs.

For professional call handling

We also have 4 call centres based in France.

Our advisors handle live or overflow calls during your sales operations.

easy to remember sva number

Easy to remember

A short number or 10-digit number, the VAS number is technical. It is easier to remember and to dial than a traditional telephone number.

features number

Quick and easy

Setting up a VAS number is quick and easy.

international number

In France and abroad

From a fixed or mobile phone, VAS numbers allow you to be reached from France or abroad.

VAS number and Interactive Voice Server

The Interactive Voice Server (IVS) is a voice recognition switchboard solution to manage and filter your incoming calls thanks to call scenarios.

By opting for an Interactive Voice Server, you optimise your call management and improve your customer relations.



Which special issue to choose?

Freephone or payphone, choose the VAS number that suits your needs


To generate new customers.

Numbers 0800 to 0805

Short numbers 30xx to 31xx

Free pricing

toll-free number

  • Free calls for your customers
  • Call charges: from €0.06 excl.
  • Extranet, Support and Mobile Application included
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For Customer Service & After Sales.

Numbers in 0806 to 0809 and 09

Short numbers 32XX, 36XX & 39XX

Non-surcharged pricing

unlisted number

  • Suitable number for customer service
  • Call charges: related to the number and duration of calls
  • Extranet, Support and Mobile Application included
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Premium ratenumber

For value-added services

Numbers 081x, 082x & 089x

Short numbers 32xx, 36xx & 39xx

Premium pricing

surcharged number

  • Suitable number for customer service
  • Call charges: related to the number and duration of calls
  • Extranet, Support and Mobile Application included
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VAS number reform: more transparency on tariffs. With the C+S reform of 1 October 2015, ARCEP (the French telecoms regulator) is reorganising and simplifying VAS numbers.

New model: the C+S model distinguishes the tariffs of special numbers from associated services. The consumer can easily identify the cost of the call and the cost of the service. New tariffs: call charges are now calculated per call or per duration. Cumulation is no longer allowed. Pricing per call: from €0 to €3/call Pricing per duration: €0 to €0.80/min

European harmonisation, homogenisation of tariffs from landlines or mobiles, improved understanding of communication tariffs, each of the 08 special numbers and short numbers is concerned. Why this reform? To guarantee consumers simple access to information and optimal tariff transparency.

Don't know which number to choose?


The benefits of VAS numbers

Reinforce your professional image while creating opportunities.

customer service

Stay in touch

Your services can be reached at any time via a single number

customer relationship

Develop your image

improve your brand image with a free number

tariffs and income

Generate income

With a VAS number, you generate revenue for your value-added services

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Frequently asked questions

VAS numbers

The 09 number is a virtual number. It is a non-geographic, non-surcharged number that complements your main telephone solution as an additional number.

No, the pricing of 08 numbers depends on the digits that make up the number.

Legally, for services charged at more than 20 cents per minute, the call must not exceed 30 minutes.

Depending on your objectives, there are different pricing schemes for short codes. It is up to the company to choose the desired pricing (for dedicated short codes only).

The short number 36 20 is the price of a local call, for the caller. This is the lowest rate, exactly the same as calling your neighbour on their landline.

The charge for the caller is up to you:

  • totally free, (free service and call)
  • local, (free service, and local call charges)
  • paying (from 0,05€TTC to 0,80€TTC / minute or from 0,05€ to 3,00€TTC / call)

The annual subscription for a number is €40,000 (Arcep tax), to which must be added, for the first year alone, a set-up cost of between €8 and €10,000.

The operator subscription (in addition to the Arcep tax), differs according to each operator

Yes, just ask your new idelio operator 🙂 

The short code is a 4-digit VAS number (or 6 digits for directories). Easy to remember, the short code allows your customers to access your services directly. You can opt for a dedicated number for your services (after-sales service, customer service, reception number) or the shared number 36 20 for your media campaigns.

The average regulatory implementation time for a short code is 10 weeks (or 2.5 months).

We will pay you 50% at 15 days (within a limit of an amount depending on the company) and the balance at 45 days.

Choose your telephone number according to your business needs. You need to consider the nature of your services and the pricing you want.

More information on VAS numbers on our dedicated page

No. Although some cases are possible, with the prefix +33, we do not recommend using a VAS number abroad. VAS number abroad. Indeed, a company cannot communicate on a number that cannot be accessed in most cases.

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