Simplify the management of your multi-sitebusiness telephony

Professional solution for reliable and economical telephony

Optimize your communications management

Simpler and with no installation required, the IPBX solution provides all the telephone functions of a PABX and also gives you access to value-added services: Interactive Voice Server, call log, call transfer, call interception, voice mail, etc.

For companies with remote offices, theMulti-site IPBX guarantees all your telephone functions on all your remote sites. Thanks to internet telephony, you have a secure mesh network for free and unlimited communications.


Simplify the management of your multi-site business telephony


Do you have several locations? Connect all your sites via the Internet or VPN. With our solution, your teams gain in productivity.

Reduced costs

With 100% hosted telephony, you reduce your investments and maintenance costs as well as your communication costs.

With the geographic number, you opt for a local telephone number

The IP telephone system or IPBX uses the internet to enable your telecommunications on all your sites (main site and remote sites). It consists of SIP or VoIP phones, an IPBX server and a VoIP service.

On the same principle as the proxy server, calls via your SIP phones are ensured by a connection established by the IPBX. Its role as an IP switch allows it to connect an internal call or route your external calls (via a VoIP service).

Business Telephony All in One!

Maximize the effectiveness of your communications

With our Multi-site IPBX offer, we can help you set up a uniform professional telephony offer for all your premises.

A call centre to optimise your inbound calls

Continuity of calls

Your telephone lines are accessible at all times and in all circumstances (including on the move).

Better Productivity

All your sites interconnected via the internet.

IPBXFeatures and Benefits

  • Digital and analogue line management
  • Multi-site solution
  • Unlimited number of phones
  • Telephone routing
  • Conference call
  • Unified messaging... etc

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