Interactive Voice Server (2.0)

Distribute, filter and notify your inbound calls and improve the customer experience

Optimize your call management

Our Interactive Voice Servers (IVS) integrate voice recognition, geolocation and allow you to automatically direct your callers to the right person or department: after-sales service, customer service, sales department, etc. Thanks to the voice menu, your incoming calls are automatically managed and you are guaranteed a professional telephone reception.

One number for all your services

With our voice server, all your services are accessible via a single number.

The 09 number promotes quality of service.

No lost calls

Stop wasting calls and improve your customers' experience. All your calls are systematically answered.

Optimise the management of your incoming calls and personalise your telephone reception for a better customer experience

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): how does it work?

Increase productivity with your call scenarios

An Interactive Voice Server (IVS) is a voice recognition switchboard solution for managing and screening incoming calls.


Discover our interactive voice server solution

customer service

A professional image

With a personalised switchboard, you convey a professional image to your customers and prospects. A quality reception to improve your customer relations.

Productivity gains

The call scenarios configured on the IVR allow your customers to quickly find the information they are looking for, without the intervention of your employees.

Don't lose any calls with IVR

Increase customer satisfaction while reducing your costs.
A telephone solution to manage large volumes of incoming calls without reducing the productivity of your employees. With automatic pick-up, all your incoming calls are handled by the Interactive Voice Server.

Your telephone reception is personalised and configured according to your call scenarios. A solution adapted to your needs and functional 24 hours a day.

idélio has set up voice guide options that allow the orientation of calls to be differentiated according to the caller's profile. In real time, a VIP will have a personalised customer path, a person with overdue invoices will be automatically directed to the collection department, etc.

RCF, Deputy Director General

Thanks to the training of the teams and the individual follow-up of the project, our auditors are confident and so are we!


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