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What is the 09 number?

The 09 number is a French national toll-free number that complements your main telephone solution as an additional number. An 09 number allows you to redirect your incoming calls to your different fixed or mobile channels. The calls are routed to your switchboard, your computer or your mailbox.

For your next communication campaign, choose the virtual number adapted to your needs.

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National presence

Be reachable wherever you are. You expand your presence by offering your customers a national number.

Commercial force

By displaying a "national" number, you reinforce the confidence of your customers and prospects. The 09 number is a reassuring element in your commercial strategy.

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No surcharge

The 09 number is not surcharged and is non-geographic, and is available at the price of a local call. Calls to 09 numbers are included in the mobile operators' packages.

international number


09 numbers are not associated with a geographical area. In the event of a move, the portability of 09 numbers within the same territory is possible.

Why choose the 09 number?

The 09 number is a virtual number that facilitates interactions with your customers and prospects by ensuring a national dimension to your business. It guarantees accessibility and mobility for your commercial operations.

When to use an 09 number ?

Examples of the use of 09 numbers

With the adoption of the "Chatel" and "Modernisation de l'économie" laws, the 09 number allows free access to companies' after-sales services. Your customers use your 09 number to contact your Customer Service or Consumer Service.


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Customer Service

For a complaint, a return of an article or a follow-up of delivery, your customers contact you free of charge with your 09 number.

The 09 number promotes quality of service.

Consumer Service

In order to remain attentive to your customers' expectations, the 09 number promotes quality of service.

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Frequently asked questions

Virtual number

The cost of a virtual number depends on 2 parameters:

  • the number of numbers ordered,
  • the ease of remembering the number.

For a single number, our rates vary from 10 to 25€ HT for very easily memorized numbers.

A geographic number is a telephone number with a code. These are numbers beginning with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05. A geographic number strengthens the local presence of your company and promotes proximity.

The 09 number is a virtual number. It is a non-geographic, non-surcharged number that complements your main telephone solution as an additional number. Used via IP telephony, the 09 number or virtual number is not attached to a physical line. It is billed at the price of a local call.

From your idelio back office, you can get a virtual number in 5 minutes.

Our teams can also assist you in setting up your virtual number within 24 to 48 hours.

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