Integrate our APIs with your IT solutions (ERP, CRM)

idelio provides APIs to interact with your services: all the functionalities of our IT solutions are available via our APIs.

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are IT solutions that simplify the integration of your IP telephony with business tools. 

These technological solutions are developed to facilitate the connection between different applications.

Our different types of of APIs at idelio

With our API solutions, you can easily take advantage of the following Enterprise Telephony features

These APIs are made available to you to interact with your business applications.
We also provide customised interconnections if required.


telephone calls

Call back - Issuing a callback

Make a callback request from your website, your smartphone application, or your business application

idélio, the outgoing call expert for your telemarketing and loyalty campaigns

Call to dial - Making a call

Trigger a call, from your browser or your business application

The 09 number promotes quality of service.

Call notifications

Be notified of key call events directly in your CRM.

Sending SMS - Mobile Checking

Send Premium SMS from your business applications. Our best rates apply from the first SMS.

number 08

Number management

Manage your numbers directly from your business applications.

NOVADIAL, Web agency

We have received a lot of advice to facilitate the integration of the solutions within our teams.

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