Reach your audience on Mobile with an SMS campaign

Quickly distribute your message to all your contacts

With bulk SMS, you can easily set up your advertising campaigns or quickly distribute information to all your customers. The SMS format is ideal for short and punchy messages. You can target your customers with a personalised message tailored to your objectives.

SMS has become an essential commercial tool for your business.


Reach your audience with an SMS campaign

Simple and effective

SMS is easy to deploy. An SMS campaign also offers a high reactivity of the recipients with an opening rate of more than 90%.

Targeted campaigns

To quickly distribute information to all your customers or to a group of contacts, we create your campaigns from your contact file. Depending on your objectives, we personalise your message together.


Campaign monitoring

Thanks to our real-time statistics, you can easily analyse and measure the results of your SMS campaign

More than 95% of SMS received are read by the recipient

Why create your SMS campaigns with idelio?

As a true partner in your customer relations, we manage the implementation and follow-up of your SMS campaigns.

Whatever your objectives, we can meet all your needs.


short performance number

SMS Marketing

Build loyalty and stay close to your customers with SMS Marketing: communicate on your news, exclusive offers or events

Transactional SMS

Notify your customers of transaction stages: receipt of a parcel, product availability, booking confirmation, appointment reminder, etc.

Loyalty SMS

Develop your loyalty programme and create regular links with your customers: inform, remind, ask for feedback with the loyalty SMS.

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