Telephone canvassing

Develop your business with qualified prospects

ideilo supports you with its experts in telephone prospecting:

  • Telephone hotline
  • Qualification of your files
  • Making an appointment
  • Tele-secretariat...

Our team of teleconsultants takes care of your commercial prospecting whatever your needs. You can concentrate on your business and develop your turnover with complete peace of mind.

By outsourcing your commercial prospecting to idelio, you benefit from qualified personnel who follow continuous training in order to gain in competence. In addition to their expertise, our teleconsultants ensure the quality of calls by mastering the commercial discourse and language elements related to your activity.


Why outsource your telephone prospecting?

A controlled telephone prospecting strategy guarantees the effective development of your customer portfolio. At idelio, we take care of communicating directly with your future prospects by telephone. Expand your business and focus on higher value-added tasks, thanks to our outsourced telephone prospecting service.

Telephone prospecting is an activity with its own codes and techniques. It is very important to make your company known. You can outsource this activity to experts who can develop your business opportunities.

Tailor-made services for successful business development

idelio offers you several services: 

  • Creation of files to prepare your telephone interviews 
  • Evaluation of calls made or received to establish reliable statistics and promote the growth of your business. 
  • Regular follow-up (reminders) with prospects. 
  • Telephone advisors who listen to you, reducing your time on the phone 
  • Your sales staff will spend more time signing purchase orders 

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