The leader in short numbers

In its 17 years of existence, idelio (formerly 36 20 Le Numéro des Marques) has established itself as a true reference in customer relations and advanced telecommunications.

Our mission is to facilitate and simplify telephone interactions between companies and their customers, thanks to numerous telecommunication solutions: special numbers, interactive voice servers, geolocation tools, automatic reminders, SMS, for websites, telephone permanence, automatic call machines, etc. As a worthy leader in business operators, we have had the opportunity to work with companies that are, to say the least, well-known, such as the Total oil group, the Pigier professional training network, or Certeurope with Oodrive. Among our most recent clients who have placed their trust in our missions, the Notaires de France, the Radios Chrétiennes de France, the ready-to-wear boutique Afibel and the prestigious Institut Pasteur have been able to implement tools in line with their specific needs. The most popular of these tools remains the short number, which is popular because of its simplicity, its easy-to-remember appearance and its effectiveness in advertising campaigns.

Short code pricing

We recently applied the telecom reform implemented by Arcep (the French regulatory authority for electronic communications and posts) with regard to the pricing of our short number, 36 20. The short numbers on offer come in several formats, each with its own specific cost: in particular, a distinction is made between freephone short numbers and unmarked or premium rate short numbers, which allow the company to levy a surcharge on each call received. Formerly with a modulation of rates (from free to paid depending on the brand), the 36 20 short number is now at the price of a simple local call, which is particularly attractive for both businesses and individuals. Both easy to remember and striking, capable of attracting the attention of viewers and listeners during television or radio commercials, this 4-digit number is not only quick to set up in your company, but it is now accessible to your customers, whoever they may be.

Short number with IdelioBook your brand

Another important advantage of the 36 20 short number is its versatility: several companies can use this number and benefit from its advantages, provided they have reserved their brand. This procedure allows us to send calls directly to your company's switchboard. All you have to do is reserve your brand or a keyword. To contact you, your customers simply dial 36 20 and say the word you have chosen: thanks to voice recognition, the server will forward their call to your call centre or to the nearest branch. This way, you benefit from a very simple number that everyone will be able to remember effortlessly, while maintaining a privileged and personalised contact with your customers.

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