Understanding and measuring the effectiveness of your TV campaigns

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people watch television every day? Moreover, screen time has increased considerably since the health crisis (1h12 extra per day of exposure during the first containment).

More time spent in front of the TV means more time exposed to commercials!

Despite the diversification of different media, including online advertising, television remains THE most powerful medium for getting an advertising message across.


Given the investment that a TV campaign represents, advertisers are looking for indicators that allow them to measure the performance of their campaign. performance of their campaign in order to justify their next expenditure.


So what are these indicators? And how do we measure the performance of a TV campaign today? 

idelio tells you all about it, and presents the considerable advantages of telephone solutions to make your media campaign as effective as possible.

The unrivalled performance of TV campaigns

First of all, let's remember that choosing television for your advertising campaigns means benefiting from :

  • The influence of TV: its contribution to sales is considerable. Of all media, it is estimated that television contributes 65% of sales.
  • An effective investment in the short and long term. The latter is considerably superior to other media.

In addition, TV reinforces, and is reinforced by digital formatsformats, such as streaming, or instream video. Establishing a media plan that combines offline and online media is therefore a winning strategy.


Measuring the effectiveness and ROI of media campaigns

In order to analyse the effectiveness of a TV campaign, the benchmark is the ROI (Return on Investment), i.e. the gain in relation to the investment made in an advertising campaign.


And TV is the champion of the ROI !

The SNPTV (Syndicat National de la Publicité Télévisée) has created a study specifically designed to measure this impact: the #ROITV study.

Its results on the performance of TV advertising speak for themselves: on an investment of €1, the ROI is estimated at 4.9. Moreover, it increases as the media campaigns TV campaigns increase the effectiveness of other media by 25%.


Whether it is the impact on sales in terms of turnover, the ROI invested, the short and long term effects of TV campaigns...this study allows us to measure precisely the role of TV in the sales of the different media in relation to the investments made.


Statistics with various indicators


You have probably already heard of theaudiencethe number of people reached by a piece of media content. But do you know the GRP ?

Otherwise known as the "Gross Rating Point", the GRP is an advertising pressure indicator, which corresponds to the average number of advertising contacts obtained out of 100 people in the target audience. It is one of the most important indicators of whether a campaign is effective.


But now he is not alone!


Television has evolved with digital. Data is more important, so the impact of media campaigns benefits from new means of analysis.

With the digitalisation of television, we are witnessing a reinvention of media campaigns, thanks to new technologies. Every household has more and more screens, and programmatic TV In short, new ways of measuring statistics are appearing to provide an ever better understanding of customer needs.

Knowing and analysing these statistics is the basis for developing a brand strategy and an appropriate media plan.

New measures of TV campaign performance

With the digitalisation of TV, new offers are coming onto the market, and propose to measure in real time the performance of a campaign thanks to the criteria of effectiveness on sales. 

  • L'analysis of conversions on websites is one of them. TV tracking solutions enable the development of effective drive-to-web campaigns.
  • Drive-to-Store campaigns are also rich in information. This is what TV 2 Storelaunched in November 2019 by a subsidiary of the Casino Group. It evaluates the real influence of TV advertising campaigns on salesby cross-referencing data from the sales receipts of major retailers with data on the TV exposure of people who own an Orange decoder.


All these elements allow a better knowledge of the ROI and therefore a better strategy to optimise your media planning as an advertiser. 


But there is another important asset for analysing the performance of your TV campaigns: telecom metrics.



The role of telephony solutions and telecom metrics

idelio offers you the possibility to measure the effectiveness of your media campaigns thanks to telecom metrics.

What are telecom metrics? A set of statistics concerning the performance of your telephony solutions to which idelio gives you access to an additional reliable analysis element.

The impact of a TV campaign is well known, but do you know the relevance of the freephone for this kind of campaign?

The toll-free number is identifiable and memorable immediately when transmitted through the TV medium. Its free leads to an increase in the number of calls following the TV campaign. It is therefore an ideal element to reach the general public by combining it with the TV medium.

In addition, idelio offers you an interface dedicated to theanalysis of the performance of your media plan thanks to contact details, messages and the number of contacts per channel. Detailed reports and comprehensive statistics allow you to measure and optimise your campaigns (locations, CPM, number of calls).

idelio can be integrated into your media campaign strategy to make it more effective. Would you like to know more? Our experts are at your disposal!


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