IP telephony: everything you need to know about all-in-one telephony!

Are you wondering what IP telephony is? Otherwise known as VoIP telephony, it is a computer technology that allows voice calls to be made via a broadband internet connection, rather than via a traditional line.

This is a revolution in the world of telephony and particularly for business telephony. The number of VoIP subscriptions has increased by 3 million in one year, while the number of PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) subscriptions continues to decrease.

IP internet telephony seems to have a bright future ahead of it, and that is for the good of companies!

A look at this technology that sometimes lacks visibility.

Internet telephony: from PSTN to VoIP


The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the first generation and historical network for fixed telephones. In an increasingly connected and fast-paced world, this so-called analogue network has quickly come up against its own limitations.

This is how IP telephony came about and is replacing the PSTN today.

IP telephony or VoIP is characterised by the meeting of the telephone and the internet. Faster, more interconnected and more efficient, telephone systems with VoIP technology, based on the SIP open standard, allow new functionalities such as sending videos, faxes, messages, etc.

And this new technology is primarily for the benefit of businesses.

Digital transformation of companies thanks to professional telephony


By rethinking their telephony, companies are giving new impetus to collaborative work within their teams and to their customer services.

In fact, professional IP telephony based on the SIP protocol, in addition to allowing the exchange of traditional voice, offers the possibility of making calls by videoconference, sharing documents, communicating by instant messaging, etc.

This transfer of telephony from the analogue world to the digital world marks a considerable evolution: that of the generalisation of communications via the Internet. This is why a company that wants to evolve in a more connected world must also necessarily carry out its digital transformation.

Depending on the company's needs, professional IP telephony can :

  • provide for several communications at the same time, and with the same number (which was not possible with the PSTN),
  • receive and make calls from a simple computer (landline, laptop, smartphone),
  • carry out instant messaging or video telephony.

These multi-channel lines are an advantage for a company:

  • If they are looking to make outbound prospecting calls, then they may also receive calls from customers with the same number.
  • If it launches a marketing campaign, it will not miss any customer calls, and customers will not find the lines busy.


IP telephony service with Idelio

idelio IP telephony offers


As a telecom operator, idelio offers companies IP telephony services turnkey solutions for unlimited calls. Thanks to its offers adapted to all needs, idelio puts telecoms at the service of companies with different reliable and efficient solutions:

Multi-site IPBX

Multi-site is an IPBX solution that has the same advantages as a PBX with additional features such as :

  • an interactive voice server
  • a call log
  • call forwarding
  • interception of calls,
  • a voice mailbox
  • . etc.

This "all-in-one" business telephony guarantees free and unlimited intra- and inter-site communications with optimal telephone functionalities, regardless of their distance.

It is therefore a perfectly adapted solution for a company with several offices. Indeed, the multi-site IPBX makes it possible to create a secure mesh network.

This professional telephony offer is therefore characterised by its homogeneity for all premises, for which idelio guarantees :

  • continuity of calls: lines are accessible at all times and in all circumstances.
  • interconnection of all sites via the internet to ensure better productivity.


Collaborative solutions

One of the recurring objectives for a company is to increase the productivity of its teams.

idelio offers collaborative solutions that aim to facilitate the collaboration of people working within a company or a project. Our collaborative solutions enable teams to work better, more securely and more efficiently.

A platform that is available at all times and that is simple and intuitive to use, allows employees and clients alike to exchange information easily, particularly through the digitalisation of meetings. An essential tool, therefore, especially in the context of the widespread use of teleworking.

Not only that, idelio also offers to facilitate project management, file sharing, internal communication... All this in a secure and efficient way.


The Voice Server

Interactive Voice Response 2.0 (IVR) is a system for distributing and screening incoming calls to improve thecustomer experience. Once the caller is on the line, he/she is taken to a voice menu that guarantees a professional telephone reception.

The idelio IVRs allow in particular:

  • Voice recognition,
  • DTMF,
  • Geolocation,
  • Speech synthesis,
  • The answering machine,
  • Redirection of calls to the appropriate contact person,
  • Handling of all calls.



What is the idelio Centrex? Quite simply, a 100% hosted fixed telephony over IP offer.

It guarantees companies :

  • unlimited exchanges
  • a reliable service
  • greater performance

The idelio Centrex Cloud is therefore an IPBX telephone exchange integrated into thetelecom network core. Whether for SMEs or large accounts, idelio offers companies two choices for their IP telephony: local deployment or hosting in our private cloud.

This choice of location ensures that the solution is tailored to your needs.

The idelio Centrex is a simple, turnkey service: to use it, all you have to do is connect the phones to an Internet access and that's it! You get unlimited calls and control of your budget.



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