5 tips for successful telephone prospecting

For a company, telephone prospecting is one of the essential commercial prospecting techniques for increasing its address book, building customer loyalty and making appointments. And for good reason: it is estimated that telephone prospecting generates 1.18 leads per hour (and up to 2.78 in our experience!).

The law and practices of telemarketing have evolved to better meet the needs of consumers by moving away from old-fashioned canvassing practices. So what characterises successful campaigns today and how can you make a success of B2B telephone prospecting ?

idelio presents 5 tips for successful telephone prospecting.

Tip 1: Implement legally compliant commercial prospecting


It may seem simple, but legislation is evolving, and it is important to be aware of good practice so as not to put yourself in a position where your company's image could be negatively impacted.

For example, did you know that since 2019, the laws on cold calling have been improved?

The rules in this area have been tightened in response to consumer fatigue about unwanted or fraudulent commercial calls.

Indeed, theARCEP (Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes) has put in place measures to regulate commercial telephone canvassing.

These include the application of dissuasive policies, but also the development of the Bloctel platform on which consumers can set up an opposition list to telephone solicitation free of charge.

Keeping abreast of changes in the law ensures that you are among the companies that respect consumer protection rules.

Tip 2: Focus on B2B telephone prospecting

The consumer's weariness (or even exasperation!) with regard to commercial calls must be the occasion for a renewal of prospecting methods.

Mass phoning campaigns are no longer the order of the day, it is time for personalisation and B2B telephone prospecting.

For this, there is nothing better thaninbound marketing or lead nurturing.

The aim? To bring the customer to you by personalising your sales pitch, rather than continuing with solicitations that they can no longer stand.

The telephone canvassing service must be individualised to best meet the needs of the prospect, according to his or her interests.


Knowing how to renew your methods means placing yourself as a trusted company with the consumer. At idelio, we offer you this expertise to make your outgoing call campaign as effective as possible.

Tip 3: Work on the sales pitch

It is estimated that the first 10 seconds of sales calls determine the success of telephone prospecting.

In the light of this figure, it is therefore very important to work on the catchphrase. It should be short and clear.

But it is also necessary to know how to arouse and maintain the prospect's interest throughout the call: this is the job of the trained and qualified teleconsultants.

The secret recipe is therefore to know your product as well as your potential customer in order to be able to present the company's competitive advantage.

Telephoners should also detail the subject of the call at the beginning of the telemarketing call, as well as reminding the consumer of their rights.

Mastering your sales pitch while respecting the consumer is the guarantee of developing a relationship of trust, in order to put all the chances on your side to transform the prospect into a customer.



Tip 4: Develop a relationship of trust with your interlocutor


Once you are on the phone with your prospect and their attention is captured, the important thing is to build a solid foundation of trust. This trust will then be assimilated by the person you are speaking to, and they will consequently transfer it to your company.


To do this, you need to find out more about them: for example, by asking them open-ended questions, letting them talk, without cutting them off, etc.

Once all this is in place, it will be easier to emphasise the importance of making an appointment in order to better meet the customer's real needs.

It is therefore essential to offer a quality telephone prospecting service . Theexpertise of qualified telephonists is strongly recommended to run a successful campaign.


Tip 5: Increase productivity by outsourcing your phone campaign


As we have seen, telemarketing, if poorly executed, can do a company a disservice rather than a favour. This is a risk to be avoided at all costs.


So, to be sure not to make any unfortunate mistakes, and to give the best image of your company, it is best to entrust your telephone campaign to a team of trained and efficient telephonists.

Commercial prospecting cannot be invented, which is why call centres put their expertise at your disposal.


Are you looking for guaranteed results?

Do you need to outsource your outbound call campaign due to lack of time?

At idelio, we offer you our expert services in telephony:

  • creation of your call scenarios
  • support for your database
  • analysis of the performance of telephone campaigns


Our call centre takes care of your commercial prospecting in a transparent manner. Indeed, you too can monitor and measure these results thanks to our performance indicators.

To find out more about our telephone prospecting service and the expertise of our teams, please contact us!


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